Our mission is to enable local spaces to share access to the connected customer and what they really want during their visit. We're thinking beyond conventional ad serving and visitor marketing. For us, it's about developing an ecosystem to match customer wants with localised experiences that are actually useful.

We're giving existing WiFi networks a boost by uncovering new models that won't control or restrict access or time on the internet. Rather, we think that sometimes it should be fully ok to do nothing or prioritise the availability of the internet at the last mile.

We also believe that the customer should be in control to easily opt-in, logout or delete their own data. Focusing on what the customer wants is key and by blending live behavioural analytics with an open ecosystem we're generating a virtuous circle of benefits.

This means that WiFi utilisation is properly forecasted, importantly the demand for connectivity can be shaped and sustainable monetisation opportunities can start to flow.

Whatever the place, the basics are the same – it’s about identifying the small data moments, then layering on the useful customer & commerce value. 

Team Wittos