Exploring the possibilities...

I look out the window and see a beautiful scene..

Here I am, sitting on a train, waiting for my stop. I’ve unfortunately forgotten to bring a book and only have my phone for entertainment. Though signal isn’t great, so what I can do with it is limited.

Wait, don’t they have WiFi on trains now?

I connect to the service, not expecting much. However, I am greeted with numerous possibilities. A service which notifies me of deals at my destination; whether they’re restaurant deals or events going on, is one of them. I can also snooze in peace and be engrossed in a book knowing that I will be alerted a few minutes before my stop. I don’t have to keep checking if the train is on time, as I will be notified through my phone. No more struggling to decipher the voice over the intercom over the wailing of children.

I look out the window and see a beautiful scene. I do not know what it is. However, on the WiFi, I can find out instantly. Perhaps even book a tour. Though the option also exists for making this journey an adventure; landmarks pointed out on a map, with some historical nuggets added in for good measure as well as the ability to follow the journey on the map in real time. All wrapped up in an elegant and intuitive interface.


Technology is exploding in exciting new ways, making lives easier for the consumer. We, as consumers, must remember to always try new things with open eyes because innovation is inevitable. Additionally, the Department of Transport has stated their expectations that 90% of all trains will have access to WiFi by the end of 2018, with virtually 100% by 2020, making the scenario above a likely future reality.[1]

Stay tuned for insights into how Frugl and Firefly are rethinking 1-to-1 on-board destination experiences in the Project SWIFT Open Innovation Challenge.