3 Practical things to know about about open innovation


The pitch.

It's just an opener to getting you a seat at the next table.

When you sign up for an open innovation challenge programme, there are three practical things that you know for certain:

  1. It brings a bunch of strangers together
  2. You have a seat at the table
  3. There's a fixed time frame

Bringing stakeholders together.

During the last 7-weeks Project SWIFT - which we are pleased to officially say we are proudly working in collaboration with ScotRail - five amazing teams of strangers joined the diverse Innovate UK consortium to bring super-fast WiFi  to life.

The great thing about bringing people together from different sectors and experiences is that you get to have some really interesting conversations.  Different perspectives will push, pull, stretch and bash your incoming idea into shape. 

Having a seat at the table.

So you managed to win a place to participate in an innovation programme or accelerator. You turn up on day-one with hopes to create a better reality, or as they otherwise say product-market fit. 

So how does an open innovation challenge programme help you achieve that?

To describe the experience, it's a lot like eating lunch in the school yard, as opposed to being at a dinner party. Sure, there are some structured elements like discussions about business model theory, market research and trends. But there's also a lot that you learn from peer conversation and experimenting in the playground.

Whichever suits your style best, to get the most out of having a seat at the table you'll need to do more than just consume at the table - you need to engage. You'll be amazed at what you learn and how you'll accelerate yourself if you share your ideas with others.

The time element.

The most certain thing you know about an open innovation programme or accelerator is that there's an end point. 

After weeks of discussion, ideation, experimentation and implementation it boils down to the pitches.

An audience of all the people you've been sitting around the table with during the programme are assembled to see what you have done with all the inputs and how you will contribute to changing the world.

Sure, there's the aspect about how a pitch presentation can impress on someone your idea for a future reality. Though, the fact is, individuals don't make innovation happen.

The pitch is just an opener to getting you a seat at the next table.
The really exciting part about pitch day is the opportunity for the entrepreneurs and the audience to meet 1-to1. Joining a new table gets you to the next phase of turning your innovation into a reality that's for today, not tomorrow.

Meet the entrepreneurs.

Don't miss out on meeting these five talented teams in Glasgow on 3 October. 

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