Beginning our Project SWIFT JOURNEY


We went through many ideas..

hashing out what could be useful and practical for a passenger-train environment

Purple Realtime is a small design and development startup located in the south coast city of Portsmouth. Our passion is creating realtime applications for the web which do not require you to download an app from an app store but work just the same from a browser. This gives our users a better experience when using our apps and also enables just about anyone to quickly access and use their features.
We were very excited when we first heard about this project and that super-fast Wi-Fi was finally coming to trains so that passengers could actually use the internet like we have all come to love on our home broadband connections. Internet connections on trains have traditionally been very flakey at best. This opens up a whole new range of users that would now be able to use our web apps instantly on the go.
After signing up to, we dove straight into trying out their API and developing a few quick prototypes to see how the system worked. This quick, rough coding turned out to be invaluable to us as we got the opportunity to give feedback to Wittos on what we thought could be improved upon, then a few hours later something was ready for us to further test out.
Having this knowledge of what data we had access to helped us to decide what we could do with our own proposal and how we could make it useful for passengers. We went through many ideas hashing out what could be useful and practical for a passenger-train environment, asking friends and family what they thought as we were processing through. Naturally, the route we went down was to display this information in an intuitive way so a passenger can easily find out what time their train is due in and receive a reminder when it's getting close. We are currently refining our idea and preparing to make our pitch on it. Cannot wait to see it live on a train up in Scotland.

If you would like to find out more about us and what we do, please visit our website