The power of storytelling in the 21st century


Connectivity in rail travel

as long as this service continues to deliver a good user experience the clear winners are us

Consider for a moment how abruptly this article started. You find yourself halfway through the second sentence and barely realise this story has no beginning. What’s going on?

In this article we embark on a journey about the power of storytelling in our digital world and find out how tech giants are spending top dollar just to keep us entertained. 
All aboard! Next stop, India.

If you’re an investor looking to expand on foreign markets or possess a fascination for traveling, India should definitely make it’s way on your to do list. One of the best way to visit this mystic land is still considered to be the train due to the affordable tickets, convenient sleeping wagons, stunning views and recently added complimentary WiFi in train stations.

WiFi wars - for a good cause

According to several media sources there is an ongoing competition between the tech giants Google and Facebook to provide WiFi access to more than 400 stations altogether by the end of 2018. The project that started last year has grown rapidly and it’s no surprise that the two giants are racing to be the largest provider on the market taking into account the 1.3 billion Indian people using trains as a main source of transportation. 

Exactly what Facebook or Google are after in this so called WiFi wars is hard to grasp without indulging in too much speculation but it's safe to assume that providing users with more internet access will increase traffic to their websites.

One interesting aspect about this story is the approach both companies had to the task of providing internet connection to the stations- both teamed up with local providers and are working on offering competitive prices for their services. 

As any good story in the telling we don’t exactly now yet who is going to come out victorious but one thing is for sure- as long as this service continues to deliver a good user experience the clear winners are us, the good people using it.

So go ahead and book your ticket to India without a doubt- this story is set up for a happy ending.

The power of storytelling - in a digital age

Now that you’ve booked your journey and are comfortably rested in your chair, thinking about the adventure to come, why not take a moment to consider the things we take for granted in life. Health for instance is one thing we don’t have time to be grateful everyday- but probably should. How about our family and friend? You get the point. But are we the only ones that take things for granted?What if companies were just as forgetful as people? Here comes the plot twist.

Where I’m going with this- in the last article we were discussing how rail operators are not taking advantage of the potential advertising power they have at their disposal and the immense service they could provide customers by being more engaged. 

What if instead of marketing themselves simply as service providers, train companies presented their product as a time saving alternative to travel (like Uber does). The truth is, a train journey needs to be seen not only as a means of getting from A to B but a story in the making. And with the right services onboard  it’s not hard to see how one can fall in love with the journey and become a loyal customer - now that’s a story worth sharing your loved ones.

Thank you for your time! We’re here to listen to your story .