Frugl Join's the Cisco Innovation Challenge


Get the greatest deals

saving both time and money while on the go

Have you ever sat on a train trying to connect to the (inevitably) slow Wi-Fi and become increasingly infuriated at not being able to browse the internet, read your email or check out Facebook?

If so, you’ll understand just how excited my business partner Tikiri and I were to have the opportunity to join the Cisco/ScotRail/Wittos Innovation Challenge and work out how Frugl could add value to a passenger’s journey if they were connected to superfast Wi-Fi.

As a daily deals aggregator Frugl connects consumers to all the latest local deals and vouchers, helping them to discover great things to do and buy. Our solution that we have proposed to Cisco/Wittos/Scotrail will enable rail passengers to choose from a range of opportunities based on their destination and interests, be that food/drink,
shopping, events/attractions and travel.

Working with all the major daily providers such as Groupon, Living Social, Travelzoo plus local Scottish deal sites like, Frugl’s goal is to ultimately be able to provide passengers with personalized offers, while helping ScotRail and Wittos to better understand their passengers tastes and buying habits.

At the same time, the challenge will also provide local businesses with a means of attracting the attention of commuters and holiday makers by hosting timely offers on Frugl’s self-service platform and only paying a small commission when an offer is sold. This is a great way for businesses that would not be able to afford to market to ScotRail’s passengers to gain the attention of a captive and, critically, targeted audience.

We’re looking forward to the next 12 weeks on the programme and to working with Cisco and Wittos to enable ScotRail’s passengers to take advantage of all the great deals hosted on Frugl, saving them both time and money while on the go.