Browsing a range of great daily deals based on your destination


And we’re live!

As the well-worn cliché goes, “All good things come to those who wait.”

In Frugl’s case, this has been doubly true, as the Innovation Challenge has provided us not just with the opportunity to work with ScotRail/Cisco and Wittos but with a new revenue stream that we keen to exploit.

Currently the Frugl widget is available on one train travelling from Glasgow-Edinburgh, where passengers can browse through a range of great daily deals based on their destination. We spent some time working on the design and we’re very pleased with the outcome and its efficiency. Working with Wittos, we are able to gather passenger data related to destination, passenger type (commuter or business traveller) and we are supporting Wittos’ analytics platform with further information related to passenger purchases and interests.

The Frugl widget also enables ScotRail to monetize their WiFi portal, something that has been notoriously challenging for the industry as a whole and where we see our real value. Working with ScotRail and, in future, other rail operators, our aim is to be the go-to ecommerce solution not just for rail operators but also for anyone supplying public WiFi, whether that is a coffee shop, a gym or on a high street.

We’re looking forward to the summer and the opportunity to work with the Edinburgh festival to deliver tickets on the train as well as expanding beyond with the extension of the Project SWIFT trials to multiple trains. It’s an exciting time for Frugl and for the rail passengers finally able to connect to the internet via superfast WiFi!